Women on Walls at RCSI in partnership with Accenture is a podcast series celebrating the lives of eight Irish women who forged careers in healthcare during a time in Ireland when women were expected to stay at home.

Dr Barbara Maive Stokes (1922–2009)

Dr Barbara Maive Stokes was a pediatrician and pioneering disability campaigner. Born in London, Stokes studied…

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Dean Mary Frances Crowley (1906–1990)

Born in Wexford, Mary Frances Crowley undertook her professional training in Britain, earning her Registered Nurse…

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Dr Victoria Coffey (1911–1999)

Dr Victoria Coffey was one of the first female paediatricians in Ireland. After graduation from RCSI,…

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Sr Dr Maura Lynch (1938–2017)

Sr Dr Maura Lynch was a surgeon who revolutionised obstetric fistula care in Uganda. Born in…

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Dr Mary Somerville Parker Strangman (1872–1943)

Dr Mary Somerville Parker Strangman was a doctor, suffragist and elected councillor. Born in Waterford, Strangman…

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Dr Emily Winifred Dickson (1866–1944)

Dr Emily Winifred Dickson was the first female Fellow of RCSI. Born in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone,…

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